Pipelines for Video Game Animation

Pipelines for Video Game Animation Scott Easley takes you through the process of constructing a character animation pipeline in Maya that will allow you to constantly improve and update your characters without adversely affecting any of the existing animations. Scott also shows you how to use the Trax animation editor from the ground up and how to build a library of animation actions which you can then use to block-out more complex character animations. Included on this DVD are tutorials, a sample rig, blend shapes for facial set- ups, character texture maps, custom tools, shelves, poses and a Maya project to get you on your way.

Instructor:  Scott EASLEY
Gnomon Product Code:  sea01

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Character Animation for Games

Character Animation for Games This lecture is an introduction to character animation as it relates to video games and interactive media. Robert takes you step-by-step through the basics of Maya, its animation tools, the graph editor and dynamic character posing. He guides you through the animation of simple, yet expressive game-style assets, demonstrating simple loops and transitions and creating a run cycle. As an added bonus, this DVD also includes a professional quality character rig so you can follow along and get started animating in Maya right away.

Instructor:  Robert CODDINGTON
Gnomon Product Code:  rco01

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Texture Painting - Weathered Surfaces

Texture Painting - Weathered Surfaces Objects created using 3D computer graphics have a tendency to appear too perfect and therefore slightly unrealistic. To create more natural textures, it is necessary to be able to observe and understand how real world objects become worn and dirty with age. This DVD focuses on how the understanding and use of aging, and “wear and tear” on an object can help add realism to your textures. Paul demonstrates how different surface materials can be simulated using simple color, bump, specular, reflection and transparency maps. These principles are illustrated by the texturing of a rustic lantern and weathered house using Adobe Photoshop®.

Instructor:  Paul CAMPION
Gnomon Product Code:  pca02

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Texture Painting: Fundamentals

Texture Painting: Fundamentals In this DVD, Paul Campion explains the essentials of texture painting with Adobe Photoshop®, discussing how observation and an understanding of the original object’s surface qualities are the skills necessary to create photorealistic textures. Starting with reference captured using a standard flatbed scanner, he demonstrates how to create color, bump and specular maps for a prehistoric shark tooth, explaining how each type of map affects the surface qualities of the CG model, and how these three basic maps work together to create a photorealistic surface.

Instructor:  Paul CAMPION
Gnomon Product Code:  pca01

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