Introduction to Maya - Interface and Workflow

Introduction to Maya - Interface and Workflow Over the past many years, Maya has become the leading 3D application used in the film, broadcast and game industries. Hailed for its diverse toolset, Maya excels due to its integration, flexibility and performance in regards to modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, animation, rigging and effects. Designed for the individual new to Maya, this DVD contains over five hours of lecture. The essential UI (user interface) is discussed, focusing on the work- flow of an experienced user. Learn how to efficiently create, manipulate and organize hierarchies, objects, components and cameras. Many concepts are introduced including the use of Polygons versus NURBS, tesselation, antialiasing, UV Layout, projects, preferences and MEL scripts. Customization of the UI is also addressed in order to dramatically improve efficiency and workflow.

Instructor:  Alex ALVAREZ
Gnomon Product Code:  aal02

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Maya Dynamics: Underwater Environments

Maya Dynamics: Underwater Environments In this DVD, John presents the process of creating an underwater effects shot, thoroughly explaining each step of the process from inception to completion. Starting with an ocean bottom and a camera move, John shows how to create underwater atmospheric conditions such as floating particulate matter, photo-real bubbles, water fog and caustic light rippling down through a wavy sea surface. John then uses Maya¹s Dynamics system to build additional elements into the shot, demonstrating their use within the shot environment. He shows how to use springs and goals to create an anchor and dynamic rope dropping to the sea floor, as well as how to use particle instancing with goals to create dynamic schools of fish. John then walks you through the final steps to create flowing sea grass and billowing sand when the sea bottom is disturbed. By the end of this DVD you will not only have a completed shot ready for fine-tuning and compositing, you will also have the ability to create your own fantastic underwater shots

Instructor:  John Clark
Gnomon Product Code:  joc02

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Character UV Mapping

Character UV Mapping Starting with a complicated humanoid character in an animation pose, Sean Mills takes you through the process of deforming the model to a projection-friendly pose. You then reduce the model1s structure detail to create a 2D mesh suitable for texturing via a proxy model. Sean then shows you how to transform those UVs to a master object which can be textured and animated. By the time you complete this DVD, you1ll be able to take a complete 3D character and create the desired texture space without stretching or overlapping, where every pixel on the model is unique and can be either painted in a 3D package, or as flat art in Photoshop.

Instructor:  Sean MILLS
Gnomon Product Code:  smi05

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UV Mapping 101

UV Mapping 101 In this DVD, Sean Mills covers the fundamentals of creating the UV space to prepare your model for texturing. Using several modified primitives as examples, Sean takes you through the necessary steps to map UVs and prepare your newly completed polygonal model for texturing. By creating a 2D version of the mesh, you give your 2D textures the instructions they need to land accurately on your model. By the end of this lecture, you'll be familiar with the basics of UV layout and its relationship to modified primitives.

Instructor:  Sean MILLS
Gnomon Product Code:  smi04

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